Motor Vehicle Accident Claims /Third Party Liability

Payment on accounts involving Third Party Liability can involve significant and complicated legal issues. From timely perfection of hospital liens to coordination of benefits with secondary payors, Allgood Professional Services provides all the training and expertise necessary to ensure the best chance for proper and full payment on liability claims.

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Denial Management

There are numerous ways Commercial Insurers seek to underpay hospitals, whether by timely payment requirements for commercial insurers or early denials. Through our efforts, we quickly obtain and provide information that overcomes these denial reasons leading to timely payments and recovery of penalties.

Allgood Professional Services has also successfully assisted hospitals on many occasions in recovering unpaid charges reduced by re-pricing firms on usual and customary grounds, another common example of commercial insurance underpayment.

Workers’ Compensation Claims

Underpayments are common in Workers Compensation claims. A typical example is an insurer’s failure to properly pay for implants or other covered charges. Allgood Professional Services has successfully appealed hundreds of cases involving underpayments resulting in substantial recovery for our clients.